First Arrival of the Great King

Information about the origin of the D’ni Holiday ‘First Arrival of the Great King’. A painting of the Great King, painted by Fahlee (2840-3123), could be seen in the Ae’gura Museum.

A painting of the Great King

Only the stone, while they pass beneath, listens to his cries and comforts her fear. Only the Arch welcomes the reign of the great one who guides us.

Those were the words of the prophecy written by Oorpah long before the D’ni came to Earth. As a result, the Arch of Kings - a duplicate of the Arch of Kings on Garternay - was completed in 625 DE. Every King thereafter began his reign by sailing under the massive structure, in hopes that he was the one.

In 1323, during the initial stages of the Pento War, King Koreen and his family were forced to flee, attacked by the Pento. The rumors said that while they fled to the private island that held their only protected Linking Book, Koreen’s wife gave birth to their only child, a son named Ahlsendar, literally as they passed under the Arch. In later years, many of Ahlsendar’s followers claimed that his birth was the fulfillment of that ancient prophecy.

In 1352, Ahlsendar would sail through the Arch again, this time on his way to reclaiming the government of D’ni and putting an end to the Pento War and the first major enemy of D’ni. It was for ending the war and beginning a new way of life that the D’ni called him Great.

While there was also controversy during his reign, on this day—the day the D’ni chose to remember his coming to reclaim D’ni—we choose to remember why they called him the Great King.