Douglas Sharper’s journal (2004)

Douglas Sharper started a new journal in 2004 that explorers found in his secret office. Unfortunately, it was later taken away by someone.

Douglas Sharper's journal (2004)

1.23.04 - Though seeing the Patriots go to another Super Bowl (and hopefully win) is obviously on my mind, compared to what I’ve returned to here in D’ni… What happened? I’m hearing that the DRC is leaving the whole thing behind. Watson is not returning. Kodama, Laxman, Sutherland, all of the little guys, Nick, Simpson… I never saw it coming. Engberg even. They are claiming funds but I wonder if it was something more than that.

I thought I would have a lot to write today, but my mind is going everywhere. I’ve come to love the place. The offices. The creatures. The people. The game. Even the DRC. I’m stunned. Is it really going to come to an end?

1.26.04 - The disagreements of the past are no longer separating us, obviously. Had a good talk with Kodama and Laxman today. They are disappointed and saddened. Frustrated. Poor Laxman is still working on the KI’s. Says he standardizing KI’s and implementing some kind of remote upgrade. Except for that, they are beginning to close things down.

They seem to know what happened to Watson. Apparently he spoke to Kodama, at least once since that day long ago. Neither wanted to go there so I let it go.

Regardless, there was a glint in their eyes. Maybe not too surprising for Laxman, but Kodama? The man never has an ounce of glint. It seems they have a journey they’d like to take.

1.30.04 - Laxman must have seen the light. KI lattice is going down to base features before he heads up.

I’m heading up to the surface myself. Houston for the Super Bowl. Another championship is just what I need right now. I’ll be back.

2.5.05 - Champions! Again! Not sure I ould have asked for a better game, regardless of the halftime debacle. I have to admit though, I thought the big victory would be enough, but I still find myself troubled down here.

2.9.04 - 2175.58.81. What is it? A coordinate? And why is Zandi sending this thing out? “The gathered will tell the path of the shell?” What?

Spoke with Nick last night. He’s already heading up, back to the Northwest somewhere. I’d like to see the kid again someday. Good kid. I’ll miss him. I think Fioca has left as well. Another good guy.

2.11.04 - Went to the spy room today and… not quite the same anymore. I missed the intrigue and found myself saddened at the thought of it all going away. No reason to go through the trouble of making the backside secure anymore. Looking back, I realize how lax I was. Anyone could have found the Book. I assumed the backside of Teledan was secure, but it obviously wasn’t. Not if they were all seeing Shroomie. And to think, if there had been two of them, all they had to do was close the door and their friend would have seen the Book. I guess none of it matters now. Don’t suppose anyone will be going to the slave caves anytime soon. Oh well…

I’m a little ashamed that I’d forgotten about Phil. I suppose the surface trips, football games, and obviously, events down here had caused me to forget about him. His Relto Book was in the spy room. I paid the area a little visit. A memorial of sorts. I assume he is officially dead now, although I should ask the boys.

2.13.04 - My god, I may have killed him. Is this…

2.28.04 - There is no life here. Literally and figuratively. They’ve all gone. And I’m stuck alone with the thought that Phil may have died because of me.

I’ve talked to a number of the DRC about it. They never found a body but apparently a destroyed KI was found at the bottom of where the precipice once stood. No one wanted to say it but I’ve had the dream twice now.

Phil standing up there, confident in his ability to return to his Relto at any time. The first crack. Still confident. Enjoying the thrill. Another crack of stone and the tower begins to break. He reaches down to grab the Relto Book, just to be ready. It’s then he realizes it’s gone. He turns to escape but he’s already falling. A cry for help, that those who were there heard. He has no chance because I took the book. The rubble buries him forever.

No. I have to believe it didn’t happen that way.

3.1.04 - 2175.58.81 has appeared on my desk again. I thought everyone was gone. Zandi? If I don’t do anything else, I have to find this place before I leave here. I’m supposed to. Zandi wouldn’t send it out if there wasn’t a reason for it. If it is him. Maybe I’ll find some answers. Watson, Phil, the DRC, the failure. Do these coordinates hold the answers?