The Finding of the Lost Books of Birenni

This documents explains the origin of the Celebration of the Finding of the Lost Books of Birenni. A painting of Lalen could be seen in the Ae’gura Museum.

A painting of Lalen

The days were dark for the people of D’ni as the sickness killed so many, especially the young. Many Ages were written for the Guild of Healers, specifically in hopes of finding a cure for the disease somewhere else, but to no avail. Their King Behnashiren was even taken by the plague and finding no suitable heirs, left the throne to his uncle, Hemelin of the Guild of Healers. It was the Healers the public blamed for the sickness and at his coronation there was great sorrow and despair…

Angered at the lack of hope and faith of his people, Hemelin was determined to not only find a cure for his people, but also to return respect to his Guild. Convinced that a cure in one of the Healer Guild Ages, he had long encouraged the Healers to search them all. Now that he was King, he gave them no choice.

Hemelin too soon found himself ill and death was predicted. However, while on his death bed, he met the woman Lalen and a new love began to grow. This new love forged a new will to live and Hemelin eventually recovered as some were fortunate enough to do.

It was Lalen who discovered evidence of old Books to forgotten Healer Ages, and clues to their whereabouts that led to their discovery. In particular, one of these lost Books written by Birenni had provided Hemelin with the plant that would prove to be the cure. Six years later, led by Guild Master Jaysem of the Guild of Healers, and directed by King Hemelin, the plague was officially defeated. King Hemelin wed Lalen on that day and the celebration was unmatched. From that day forward, for many years, the celebrations were grand.

In later years, though still a day that many chose to wed, the day became known for the fire marble search. Fire marbles were hidden in homes and Ages throughout D’ni and the children were sent on searches for the marbles, reminding D’ni of the search of Lalen and Hemelin to find the cure for their people.