King Hinash

This document was found in the Hall of Kings on Ae’gura.

Hinash - Hinash took the throne in 2533 at the age of 66.

Hinash’s first major accomplishment was the ordering of the construction of the new Guild of Miners’ facility. The construction marked the first use of extrusion in construction and work, begun in 2577 and finished in 2580, marked a much faster and more efficient means of building.

Hinash had been a member of the Guild of Stone Masons before his coronation. As such, records point to him being extremely interested in the mining and construction technologies that were being pursued. As well Hinash was one of the strongest proponents for expansion within the cave system.

Though Hinash’s push for expansion was not met with much enthusiasm, at the time, it set the foundation for great expansion that would occur under the reign of his son Needrah, with the sculptor Lahkeer leading the charge.

Hinash was apparently also very interested in pursuing better relationships with other cultures; often pushing for further interaction and increased trade. He not only opened up the rules on trade^1 and but also pushed the cultural “rules” concerning relationships with those of non-D’ni blood^2. In 2709, five years after the death of his first wife who died giving birth to his fourth son, Hinash married a woman of non-D’ni blood.

The fact that the marriage was met with little opposition was a sign in itself of the relaxing attitude of the people toward the “outsiders”.

The affect of such actions upon the culture was grand. Foreign materials were used much more in construction, as well as clothing and jewelry, and foreign music and art influence began to show itself in the D’ni art of the day.

It was apparently with some thankfulness that Hinash’s second wife did not bear him a son. Though the culture had relaxed, it is rather clear that the public did not want to even have to deal with the possibility of non-D’ni blood in the throne. In fact, one author went so far as to say “…even had they bore a child, it would have made for a very uneasy public…to have such a being living with the palace…perhaps taking the public’s acceptance too far”^3.

Hinash died in 2779 at the age of 312 leaving his fourth son to rule.