King Gan

This document was found in the Hall of Kings on Ae’gura.

Gan - Took the throne in 2015 at the age of 144. Though he was not necessarily convinced of the greatness of the Great King, or Yahvo for that matter, Gan was far from the despot his father was.

Unfortunately, he was never quite given the chance to do much for his people, as the “sins” of his grandmother consumed his reign in the throne.

Six months after Gan’s coronation the first signs of the plague^1 began to show themselves. Eventually, the Healers would discover that the plague was an evolved version of the disease that Ahlsendar had created to destroy the Pento. The evolved version cut D’ni life spans in half and caused massive infertility. For the elderly and the young, death usually came quickly in the form of heart failure.

The appearance of the plague, and the eventual announcement that it was similar to what the Great King had created, caused the public to cast most of their blame for the illness on the Great King. Very few people knew of Jolatha’s request to open the tomb. Those who knew of the breaking of the seal seemed to have not spoken of it, or possibly were not heard if they did. Numerous records indicate that as far as the public was concerned, the plague was the Great King’s fault.

Somewhat surprisingly, because of the infertility rates, Gan managed to have a son in 2050. He died twenty years later at the age of 199 after being in the throne for only 55 years (the shortest of any King).

Gan left his son a population that was slowly dying, both physically and emotionally, and there was no cure in sight.