King Emen

This document was found in the Hall of Kings on Ae’gura.

Emen - Took the throne in 5081 at the age of 150. Two years after his coronation, two members of the Relyimah mysteriously disappeared and were never seen of again^1. Faresh became a silent hero in the key members of the government and the factions were again quieted, knowing they were being watched.

Key members of the government were often seen at parties taking place in Faresh’s mansion and rumors of “puzzle rooms” and “secret halls” grew throughout the city. The house itself, located on Katha island, was becoming one of the more talked about buildings in the entire cavern^2.

In 5093, two members of a cult known as “One D’ni” were proven guilty for the explosion that had occurred years earlier on Meanas. Both were permanently imprisoned.

At the same time, Emen (along with the Guild of Caterers) announced the completion of two new food Ages, one of which was run solely by outsiders, and produced new food sources^3 that had never been tasted in D’ni before.

The popularity of Faresh’s mansion, caused others (mainly elite) to request permission to build on the many islands that surrounded the city proper. In 5095, Emen decided to sell many of the islands that, up to that point, had been government property. Records indicate the sale of over twenty-three of the islands, in one year, to private citizens who could afford their heavy price tag.

In 5102, disaster hit the family of Faresh in the mysterious death of his daughter. Official City Guard records said she awoke in the middle of the night, claiming to see spirits, and jumped from her bedroom window to her death.

Rumors abounded as to the true cause. Some thought the house was haunted while others (mainly government) thought she might have been a target of factions^4.

Perhaps the most damaging rumors dealt with the Watcher. In “Words” he had described similar events taking place^5 and such a public event caused many to begin to study his words again. It was the beginning of philosophical chaos yet again.

Faresh left the house a year after the death of his daughter, claiming to be unable to live with the memories of his daughter. The house was given completely (although no one knew it at the time) to the Relyimah. Rumors of dark shadows in windows and boats silently rowing toward the island fueled the idea the house was haunted.

It appears that after the Relyimah controlled the house, Emen himself often made visits, recommending a number of renovations (tunnels, etc…) that he thought would aid them in their cause.

In 5202 a public ferry system was approved by Emen, offering much more frequent access between The Island, the city proper, and the surrounding smaller islands. One of those islands, Emen gave to the Minor Guild of Artists, Musicians, and Actors who turned it into a Cultural Center. In later years the center often hosted outside concerts, plays, etc…on the water.

Four years before Emen’s death, the Guild of Stone Masons announced “Deretheni”^6. The substance had been produced in a laboratory for the first time and was the start of much improved construction techniques.

Emen died in 5240 at the age of 309, leaving the throne to his first-born son.