King Kerath

Information about the last king of D’ni: King Kerath. A painting of the king could be seen in the Ae’gura Museum.

A painting of King Kerath

Thirty-one years after banishing his own son from his palace, as the legend told, King Rikooth was on his deathbed. He was staring out towards the Arch and he saw his son Kerath sailing through it. He was riding a boat in the shape of a massive lizard, standing proudly on its prow and had come home to announce the death of his mother. Rikooth’s heart was changed and a new heir was chosen.

It was a divided society Kerath inherited, breaking at the seams: a population as large as it had ever been and religious, philosophical, and government views as distrinct and numerous as the Ages they had written. Classes had formed, dividing the rich from the poor and the Guild elite from the store merchants.

D’ni had evolved for the better and Kerath sought to push them further. He had decided from an early age that the ways of the Kings were no longer proper for his people. “D’ni is the Guilds… let us be protected by their fortress and be ruled by their wisdom,” he argued, claiming to have seen the destructive power of a King firsthand

A new Guild Hall was constructed, more elaborate and elegant than any structure D’ni had ever seen. New Councils were called and Kerath fought for a new leadership, a new vision, and a new branch for his people. In 6977, the last King of D’ni abdicated his throne, becoming the only King to leave his throne of power while still alive, ushering in the time of the Lords.

Just as the Arch renamed after him still stands over the city he once ruled, so does the name of Kerath stand above the other Kings. Perhaps not the greatest, he was the last: the final King to ever rule D’ni and for that he will forever be remembered.