Marie Sutherland in Ae’gura

Date: 2003-12-08
Location: Ae’gura
Logged By: BlindWanderer

Guildsman Drak:
but where is the rest ofwe’ve only seen the top staff - there are other people in the DRC? (12/08 12:01:25) Christoph05: I was going to say, that would possibly be an OSHA violation (12/08 12:01:50) Strife: *cough*13*cough* (12/08 12:02:01) teferi: OSHA, schmOSHA, if you had the opportunity to work extra on D’ni, wouldn’t you?
Marie Sutherland:
We don’t believe in OSHA down here. We just use cones! :)
funny strife (12/08 12:02:19) Guildsman Drak: don’t tell OSHA that (12/08 12:02:28) Christoph05: Nice idea Marie, cones can be broken just like OSHA rules (12/08 12:02:34) Pa’lua: Yes, I’d like to keep the government and all it’s agencies out of here. (12/08 12:02:54) Christoph05: Anarchy eh, sounds like fun.
Marie Sutherland:
Well we need some structure - but certainly not much right now.
there just aren’t enough people here yet to make government seriously necessary (12/08 12:03:27) Guildsman Drak: well - do we really know were all the DRC funding is comeing from? (12/08 12:03:39) Strife: does the DRC plan on utilizing the raw materials of the outlying ages to fund or turn a profit? (12/08 12:03:45) teferi: a good chunk of it is DRF money, I know that. (12/08 12:04:09) Guildsman Drak: [DRF?] (12/08 12:04:19) Dan’ni: D’ni Restoration Foundation
Marie Sutherland:
A foundation funds some of it. UbiSoft has funded some. It’s been a fairly expensive operation.
Marie Sutherland:
Yes the DRF
shorah all (12/08 12:04:59) an’nie: shorah
Marie Sutherland:
hey hey (12/08 12:05:07) teferi: expensive, I can imagine. this is bigger than schliemann in troy. (12/08 12:05:49) Strife: .sit (12/08 12:05:53) Guildsman Drak: anyone know how Zandi is doing, he left his Airstreem and book (and chips) up there....
Marie Sutherland:
I do need to get back to work - I’m goin to look at the Great Zero today, and Gahreesen.
Thanks for stopping by. (12/08 12:06:09) an’nie: I cant see Marie anymore she vanished (12/08 12:06:16) Strife: later then marie (12/08 12:06:19) Knottyboy: yes, thank you (12/08 12:06:20) Strife: take care (12/08 12:06:22) an’nie: ty (12/08 12:06:23) Dan’ni: goodbye Marie (12/08 12:06:29) Dan’ni: have fun ;) (12/08 12:06:30) Guildsman Drak: take a care D. (12/08 12:06:36) Guildsman Drak: DR. (12/08 12:06:39) Pa’lua: I still see her.
Marie Sutherland:
Thanks for your help, bye.
Bye Marie. It was nice talking to you. (12/08 12:07:41) Pa’lua: Did anyone do a chat log? (12/08 12:07:42) Dan’ni: I did (12/08 12:07:44) an’nie: good (12/08 12:07:45) Dan’ni: not much cause I came here quite late (12/08 12:07:59) teferi: well, post what you have to the forum anyway (12/08 12:08:00) Strife: i got the latter half (12/08 12:08:06) Pa’lua: I was hoping someone had started one from the beginning. (12/08 12:08:13) Dan’ni: cool Strife (12/08 12:08:21) Strife: the start was (12/08 12:08:23) Dan’ni: I have the second half of it (12/08 12:08:24) Strife: in general (12/08 12:08:54) Strife: we asked about (going to spell it wronge) Er’cerra (12/08 12:08:56) Pa’lua: Ok....but there were sure some interesting information shared that I was hoping someone got. (12/08 12:09:02) teferi: Er’cerra? (12/08 12:09:06) Dan’ni: Er’Cana (12/08 12:09:11) Knottyboy: oops (12/08 12:09:23) Strife: she said the equipment needs some work (12/08 12:09:41) Guildsman Drak: log: I got most I think, (12/08 12:09:43) Dan’ni: did she say when it’d be open? (12/08 12:09:43) Pa’lua: Yes, she spoke about the Great Zero. (12/08 12:09:47) Strife: didn’t give any dates at all (12/08 12:09:52) xo-ox fait un signe de la main (12/08 12:09:54) Dan’ni: ah (12/08 12:09:55) Pa’lua: Good....I know Drak was here before I was. (12/08 12:10:06) Strife: talked about the “Beach” some (12/08 12:10:09) Strife: no dates (12/08 12:10:25) Guildsman Drak: yeap - logging to xtract it - (12/08 12:10:33) Pa’lua: Yes, Noloben.....but she wouldn’t give us any info on the D’ni living there. (12/08 12:10:34) Strife: when asked about coming ki updates. no dates/ (12/08 12:10:35) Tweek: back (12/08 12:10:38) Knottyboy: she has a softer touch than the guys of the drc (12/08 12:10:45) Strife: but very nice. (12/08 12:10:52) teferi: in her defense for the ki question, that’s not really in her balliowikc. (12/08 12:10:55) Knottyboy: absolutely (12/08 12:10:59) teferi: balliwick, even (12/08 12:11:02) Pa’lua: Yes, she more open and willing to talk.