Michael Engberg visits Ae’gura again

Date: 2003-12-03
Location: Ae’gura
Logged By: Moranda

is there anything going on we should know about Michael? (12/03 21:45:07) Chwith: I see the DRC has its forcefields up to so you can’t go into their “tent-O-love.” (12/03 21:45:27) theGreatTree: yes you can (12/03 21:45:39) theGreatTree: jump the rope (12/03 21:46:13) Moranda: Michael are the DRC secretly monitoring our movement in URU?
Michael Engberg:
Moranda, other then I am very upset about people on the top of the tent. Nope
you can get the dni font from the cyan worlds website (12/03 21:46:33) Moranda: ah..........if they break it makeem fix it (12/03 21:46:37) plinthon: i cant seem to get very far… very fast....
Michael Engberg:
Contessa Wilhelmina:
ah, well, yea, get off the tent you people (12/03 21:46:59) Tazzy: oh, alphabet…i get it now! (12/03 21:47:01) Moranda: tje cotu (12/03 21:47:04) Abble: i think that there just supports with a blue light on them for looks (12/03 21:47:04) Contessa Wilhelmina waves (12/03 21:47:14) Moranda: oops D/ni (12/03 21:47:16) Tazzy: they look good though (12/03 21:47:22) Moranda: some of us call it URU (12/03 21:47:31) Contessa Wilhelmina: whoop … must go afk, sorry (12/03 21:47:34) Abble: ya, it looks really nice (12/03 21:47:39) Tazzy: ok…my kitten is walking over my feet :) (12/03 21:47:47) Kioe: I’ve been stuck at facing a wall for 2 minutes here… (12/03 21:48:04) Tazzy: ki…move around a bit at a time (12/03 21:48:07) Abble: get more memory
Michael Engberg:
The DRC is not BIg Brother
you have the money to give me? bleh.gif (12/03 21:48:36) scraper: \waves (12/03 21:48:37) Moranda: just curios Michael, I have heard things (12/03 21:48:42) Tazzy: how much memory do you have, abble? (12/03 21:48:46) Abble: sorry, i only have enough for my computer (12/03 21:49:03) Abble: im running on 512 (12/03 21:49:10) Kioe: Thanks for the advice Tz, but I’m trying (12/03 21:49:22) Tazzy: ah, i have 1 gig…and it’s still somewhat laggy (12/03 21:49:35) Abble: ok ill be back, im going to translate some of the writings (12/03 21:49:42) Tazzy: have fun! (12/03 21:50:14) Abble: but its good to find out what names they are (12/03 21:50:25) Gearogine: anyone find anything new relto pages here? (12/03 21:50:49) Mr. Lag: Hi Plinth! (12/03 21:50:50) Tazzy: al’my…you went through the floor! (12/03 21:50:57) Abble: acctuly i will stay, i can take my time to translate (12/03 21:51:27) Moranda: has there been a problem with gravitational faults here in the Ctiy Michael....movement seems awkward at best (12/03 21:51:29) Chwith: Micheal, thanks to the DRC for opening the courtyard up. (12/03 21:52:14) Snerticus: hi plinth (12/03 21:52:19) Snerticus waves (12/03 21:52:33) plinthon: hi snert (12/03 21:52:45) Snerticus: how come so quiet? (12/03 21:52:51) plinthon: not easy to get anything done right now (12/03 21:53:00) plinthon: i might find a spot and just sit (12/03 21:53:02) plinthon: lol (12/03 21:53:05) Snerticus: good idea (12/03 21:53:13) Chwith: Heaven forbid they catch us trying to thwart the barricades. ;-) (12/03 21:53:53) Moranda: Chwith........watch that thwarting......you might hurt yourself (12/03 21:53:56) plinthon: if i can move at all that is (12/03 21:53:57) Mr. Lag: Mr. Engberg, I asked Phil Henderson if Yeesha was using the DRC, and he replied Yes. How does that fit in with your views? (12/03 21:53:58) plinthon: hehehe (12/03 21:54:23) Chwith: Twas a joke. I’m a good boy. (yeah right.) (12/03 21:54:29) Mr. Lag: Yes Taz :) (12/03 21:55:15) plinthon: i might see if i can make it to the hall of kings (12/03 21:55:20) Tazzy: done :) (12/03 21:55:24) Chwith: You can (12/03 21:55:38) Beefo laRue: hehe yea (12/03 21:55:38) Kehrin: I don’t know much. I’ve read some logs. (12/03 21:55:58) Kehrin: I’ve never been here when a character has shown up. (12/03 21:56:24) Kehrin: This is the first time I’ve seen the plaza open (12/03 21:56:27) Tweek: Beefo> I was with Phil yesterday (12/03 21:56:37) Moranda: MIchael, is Mr. Laxman or some other techies working on the KI’s to make them more funcitona? (12/03 21:56:38) Tweek: Hullo Mr Engberg (12/03 21:56:39) Tazzy: it’s great
Michael Engberg:
Moranda yes..
Michael Engberg:
Hello all
good.......that will help with oveall safety issues I think (12/03 21:57:41) Snerticus: hello Mr. Engberg (12/03 21:58:04) JesusAddict3791: Hello Mr. Engberg (12/03 21:58:27) Tweek: Michael, Have you lot spoken to Phil yet?
Michael Engberg:
Everyone happy?
I think he respects Yeehsa, but I haven’t seen him actually say he was following a journey she’d sent him on. (12/03 21:58:45) Tazzy: yes thank you (12/03 21:58:55) JesusAddict3791: Very happy
Michael Engberg:
Tweek , no I haven’t
yes, thanks much! (12/03 21:58:55) Queue: you seem unhappy Mike (12/03 21:58:55) JesusAddict3791: thank you very much (12/03 21:58:55) Mr. Lag: Phil Henderson said that Yeesha was ‘using’ the DRC. How does that come into play with the restoration, Mr. Engberg? (12/03 21:59:00) Moranda: very happy (12/03 21:59:16) Tweek: Ah, He’ll speak to you when hes ready I think
Michael Engberg:
phil said that?