Opening of the first D’ni neighbourhood

A speech given by Dr. Richard Watson at an informal opening ceremony of the first D’ni neighbourhood, January 31, 2002

Date: 2002-01-31

Fellow Citizens of D’ni,

I realize that that salutation may sound a bit presumptuous, but this epic moment allows for some extravagance and anticipation on my part. For we find ourselves at one of those rare junctures in human history. We stand on the edge of a precipice of discovery and enlightenment, and now we take the first step off the edge.

Welcome to D’ni.

For the first time I can say those words. Up until now, visitors have been limited to those who are academically adept enough to contribute, or those who are connected enough to be invited. But soon that will change. Soon anyone who hears the call will be welcomed. Of course, at first their access will be limited, and their numbers will be controlled; but the door is opening. D’ni is beginning to wake from its long hibernation.

What I’m trying to say is that your work here has been more than simply an archeological exercise. We firmly believe that this place was meant to be inhabited; it was meant to be growing; it was meant to be alive. We are here because we’ve all felt that same feeling, that same calling. Even now many more are beginning to feel that calling as well. They will come, and D’ni will live once more.

To D’ni!