Meet the DRC: Marie Sutherland (Afternoon session)

Date: 2006-04-26, from 16:00 until 16:30
Location: Uru Obsession Neighbourhood
Logged By: DRC Liaisons [Note: This chat log truncated because of technical errors.] Anansi: I’d like to know if the DRC will ever open Ahnonay and Er’cana to us explorers ^_ ^

Marie Sutherland:
as Dr. Watson often says “‘Ever’ is a loooong time”…
Marie Sutherland:
If we get funding, I would expect to see them at some point.
Lagging seems to be one of the mains problems at the moment as it has been two years ago. Did you find out somethig to solve this question? (sorry for my english…lol)
Marie Sutherland:
we’re working on that, too, Karlosso.
We are going to have to wrap this up. Thank you all for attending. We will be having more of these meeting in the future to address more concerns and qestions.