A little treat

This picture of Negilahn’s exterior was sent to Jazz (an explorer) by Nick White.

Title: A little treat
From:  Nick White (Sent in by:  Jazz)
Date:  03/05/07

KI picture: A little treat

On the way back

This picture was made during a boat trip (by Douglas Sharper, Nick White and Rils, an explorer) back to Teledahn.

Title: On the way back
From:  Rils
Date:  03/14/07

KI picture: On the way back

Snippets from Nick

Jazz gained some information about D’ni culture from Nick White and compiled them in the following imager posts for everyone’s reference.

Title: Snippets from Nick (1)
From:  Jazz
Date:  03/19/07

MUSIC - Two famous D’ni singers. Hadev was one of of the great musicians. 5644-5894. Wrote D’ni folk stuff mostly. Seems as though one of the famous singers of his writings was Suah, 5700-5993.

RELIGION - The D’ni valued taygahn. With Yahvo it was the most important thing. Better than doing good or evil it was a relationship. They thought the relationship with Yahvo would make sure they chose good over evil. That was the focus of their religion. Taygahn is a bit more than a relationship - not really a good translation for it.

FOOD AGES - There were two main kinds; livestock and crops. Both were run by the Guild of Caterers, although they worked closely with the Writers, obviously, in creating them.

Title: Snippets from Nick (2)
From:  Jazz
Date:  03/29/07

Following on from Nick’s earlier snippets, he has answered some of the questions wich explorers raised.

1) The D’ni singer, Suah, was female.
2) Yahvo was considered a God, so the relationship would be similar to how we view a relationship with God.
3) The prophets claimed to speak directly to Yahvo at times, and other times through study.
4) In answer to the question of whether a translation of the Regeltavok of Oorpah will ever be available, he said, “Just pieces - will take time.” He did not specify when these pieces would be available.
5) Nick was not sure about the earliest references to otherworlders in D’ni. He thought maybe 2000.