Pellet Update

Title: Pellet Update
From:  The DRC
Date:  7/30/2007


We would like to thank everyone for their contributions in baking pellets to feed the algae in the lake. Your efforts this past month have exceeded our expectations, but the lake is large and the pellets are small. This project is still in its very early stages. Keep in mind that the “points” awarded to individuals via their KI are only a general indication of the value their pellet is to the lake algae.

In order to help keep people motivated, Mr. Laxman has set up the imagers in the neighborhoods to accept your pellet points. Each hood will have a running total of the pellet points that have been collected by that neighborhood to help provide a little healthy competition between the neighborhoods.

Please note that you can donate your pellet points to any neighborhood you choose.

Also note that Mr. Laxman has removed the lake light meter from the harbor area in the city since many Explorers were discouraged that it was not providing useful feedback for them. The meter may be returned if the digital readout can be repaired.

Thanks again for all your hard work. We look forward to seeing which neighborhood comes out on top.