Guild Advisor

Title: Guild Advisor
From:  The DRC
Date:  8/03/2007


By a unanimous vote, the DRC have decided to appoint Reteltee as their “Guild Advisor”. The DRC began working with Reteltee last month when he asked to speak with the DRC at length about the Guilds. When asked why they selected Reteltee out of all the explorers, Cate replied, “He was simply in the right place at the right time. We had already begun work in Kirel to make it the ‘Guild Hood’, and his request to talk to us about the Guilds at that moment was a perfect fit. Once it was explained to me that his name means “The Guilds”, it was obvious that we had found the right person to talk to.” We are happy to continue working with him. If you see him, please offer him your congratulations.