Title: Farewell
From:  Victor Laxman
Date:  11/05/2007

Good day all,

I’m writing this note to let you know that Marie and I have headed to the surface. I apologize that we could not make such an announcement in person but there were pressing reasons to get a start on what we deem as our next mission. You are well aware that Cate left the DRC for financial reasons. Judging the rumors, I’m not sure you are equally aware of Dr. Kodama’s reasons for leaving, but he has returned to the surface to try and find funding for this effort. He has not left the Council.

By now, I’m sure many of you have also heard of Yeesha’s visit. Upon hearing her words, we are more convinced than ever that we too must find a way. As a result, Marie and I have determined that the restoration will not continue without funding and we too, have taken it upon ourselves to search for such funding as well.

So, we leave you here to carry on the task that Yeesha has given us. We leave you here hoping that we will return soon with better news and a brighter hope for the future.

Watch yourselves and good luck.