Er’cana Pellets

Title: Er’cana Pellets
From:  The DRC
Date:  06/27/2007


As many of you have already discovered, the Age of Er’cana provides a way for you to contribute to another aspect of the restoration. The pellets made in Er’cana can be used to provide nutrients to the algae that is responsible for the light that the lake in the Cavern emits.

We have conducted extensive tests with the algae, and have concluded that “feeding” the algae will gradually make it healthier. Given enough time and nutrients, the algae may even return to the cycle it once had before the Fall of D’ni.

Be aware that this is a process that will likely take many, many months. The algae has been mostly dormant for almost two hundred years. It will not be restored overnight.

Also be aware that certain recipes can actually damage the algae. If you see steam or bubbles or worse, then that recipe is doing more harm than good. Please reject the rest of the pellets of that recipe and try another recipe.

The best pellets will result in a bright, orange glow.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this effort,


PS - For those of you who enjoy keeping track of your contributions, your KI will keep track of the “Pellet Points” you’ve earned from depositing pellets in the Silo. Please note that pellets that damage the algae do not earn any points.