Main City Shutdown

Title: Main City Shutdown
From:  The DRC
Date:  05/20/2007


For those who are not yet aware, a crack was discovered early yesterday afternoon in one of the buildings in the City. Explorers were warned to stay out of that area as a precautionary measure.

Unfortunately, there was a collapse in that area tonight at 8:40pm cavern time. We have not yet determined the exact cause of the collapse, or the severity of the damage, so we are closing down the main City to explorers until we have more information.

Michael Engberg’s daughter, Wheely, and her friend, Rosette, have turned off their KIs, and are still missing. Victor Laxman is looking for a way to activate their KIs remotely.

In the meantime, those of you with access to the other instances of the city: we cannot keep you out of them, but if you choose to visit them, please be extra cautious. We have seen in the past that things that happen in the main city also happen in the instances so we cannot be sure that the same thing will not happen elsewhere.